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Import and Export from and to a Calendar or Diary
Hi Guys - apologies if this post is not in the right place....

I've searched in vain as much as I can through the documentation to see if there is a tried/published method of importing and or exporting date-based database fields in a format which can be read from or fed to a calendar program, such as Gmail or Outlook. I'm trying to use formtools to build an online system which manages presenter bookings for a camera club, and to have that feature available would be a real boon.

Any pointers or suggestions would be most welcome.

FormTools supports date fields, whether an internal or external form. The dates are stored in the database and with the API or your own custom code can be read from another application.
Ok, thanks Alex. I thought that might be my route but I wondered if anyopne had already done something similar
No problem. It's really not too difficult at all to pull data from your formtools database, so if you have something set up in form tools and need some direction on how to extract the date field let me know and I can get you started.
Thanks Alex. Im ok with handling databases, etc., I was more thinking about the output format required to feed into a calendar program like google or outlook. I realise now that this might have been not the right place to ask the to do some research!!

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