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only show some submission data on thanks page
How do I only show some submission data on thanks page instead of all of it. As it is now I use:

PHP Code:

at the top of the page. Then I use this:
PHP Code:
if (isset($_GET["submission_id"]) && isset($_GET["unique_key"]))
$form_id 1;
$view_id 1;
$export_type_id 2;
$submission_info ft_api_get_submission($form_id$_GET["submission_id"]);
// now confirm that the unique_key matches
if (isset($submission_info["unique_key"]) && 
$submission_info["unique_key"] == $_GET["unique_key"])
in the area on the thanks page that I want to show the submission data. The problem is I don't want to show all the data, just 7 of the fields. The way I have it now, it show everything.
thanks for your help!

Hi Slabadoo,

Sorry for not responding sooner! See our correspondence in this thread:

- Ben

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