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Form Submission Email Notifications Not Working
My client’s sites (and forms) are newly migrated to new GoDaddy servers. Upon migration, the existing forms no longer worked with old scripts. Therefore, I’m now using Form Tools, one of the Web Applications suggested by GoDaddy.

I’m new to Form Tools, but believe I have all forms set up correctly (x9). I would like my client to receive email notifications of form submissions, rather than requiring them to have to access / download submissions online (this does work as it should). When testing via my client’s websites, I did receive a couple emailed notifications, but not consistently — and now, not at all. (I was not able to receive any test notifications at all when using the Form Tools’ interface testing option.)

I’ve read others’ posts, people who have been using Form Tools for some time, stating that they suddenly no longer receive email notifications. I’ve researched for days and have not found a resolution / suggestion in any of the related threads I’ve found in the Forum or elsewhere.

Is there a compatibility issue with newer servers (current PHP version: native (5.4))? Is there something I’m missing in the set-up? Please, I need some guidance. I need to get this up and running as my client would prefer, by receiving email notifications of form submissions.

Many thanks for any help you can give me. It will be greatly appreciated.
Are others having this same issue (not receiving email notifications when someone submits a form)? Anyone have this problem and then find the solution?
(Feb 29th, 2016, 6:15 AM)JLeslie Wrote: Are others having this same issue (not receiving email notifications when someone submits a form)? Anyone have this problem and then find the solution?

Same problem here. I am with GoDaddy and they are stumped since it appears this is built on very old code. He suggests that the mail submission is using "Sendmail" as opposed to "PHP" mailer. If we could find that line and change it to use the php mailer, we will have a winner.

Correct me if I'm wrong, this product is no longer in business, because almost none of the website works, and the version of this is very old, something like 2013?

I just started configuring this yesterday, but mailer is sort of important when trying to submit a form.

Let us hope we can figure this out.
I've pretty much given up hope, and will likely be looking for alternative solutions for my client soon. It does seem that FT development has been abandoned. Wish that GoDaddy hadn't included FT as an option if it's not being supported anymore. There are other posts about the same problem in "General Discussion" ( as well, but no one there seems to have had any success solving it. If you find a good alternative before I do, please post back!
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