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Language doesn't load
Hey guys,

Sorry about this. I'll look into it this weekend.

- Ben
This should be fixed in tonight's build: the language files should now load properly.

However, that said, there's still a lot of work to be done to get the language pack functionality truly up to date. Right now the language files are slightly out of date: only the default English that comes bundled with the Core contains all the content. I need to tackle this problem from an administrative point of view, to update the Form Tools versioning script to dynamically update the Open Translate content.

I promised to update the Submission Accounts module for a user, but after that I'll start looking into this.

- Ben
Hi Ben,

Thanks for your hard work. The language file now loads, however... when it first loaded I got a whole bunch of variable not defined errors, found in nl.php (the dutch language file). I got it to work after I examined the differences with the default en_us.php file.

In the default language file, all variables are preceded by a backslash "\". However when translating with OpenTranslate it never showed me any backslashes, so I never typed any in the translated strings. Ergo, a whole lot of variable undefined errors.

I fixed my language file in dreamweaver, inserting the backslash manually.
OT shows: "The {$varname} is a hash (or associative array) of all form submission information..."
en_us.php: "The {\$varname} is a hash (or associative array) of all form submission information..."
nl.php would show: "De {$varname} is een hash (of associatieve array) van alle inzendingsinfo van het formulier..."
and should be: "De {\$varname} is een hash (of associatieve array) van alle inzendingsinfo van het formulier..."

Is there any way to search for strings in OpenTranslate?
To avoid this in the future, can you display the backslash in the original strings in OT?


Hey Sam,

Yes, this is a known problem - but it's next on my list of stuff to fix.

Sorry for the problems...! I'll try and look at it this week sometime, but if not, it may have to wait a couple of weeks. Next week I'm off to Florida for a conference so I'll have to look at it then.

Keep you posted!

- Ben
Hi again Ben.

A follow up on this thread...instead of posting a new one.

I'm still having problems with my interface language. I can't change the menu part of the interface to Swedish. Everything else is translated correctly but every menu option to the left is still in English.
I have checked the Swedish version for any missing phrases, but everyone of them are in place.

Any suggestions?

//Peter Häggstrand, Sweden
Hi Peter,

Very good to hear from you!

The left nav is all specified via the UI and not controlled via the language files. To edit them, go to:
Settings -> Menus and edit the Admin and/or Client menu. There, you can control the language for each of the menu items.

Hope that helps.

- Ben

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