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Smart Fill to 'sync' with form field names
Just read on another post how to replace the default col_1, col_2, etc., with the names of the form fields using the 'Smart Fill'.

My question is that can you do this at any time or do you need to do it while you are creating the form. I thought those names were used to create the form_X table.

I have a form that has been running for a while and I would love to use the form field names instead of the 'col_X' names.

Hi Akeane,

Nope, you can do this at any time! To be honest, I tend to forget about this myself. Only when I start actually working with the database directly do I remember to go and Smart Fill the database columns names.

Hope this helps!

- Ben

FANTASTIC... and I'm also glad to hear that you also forget... I thought I was just getting old... LOL! I'll give it a try on Monday since I am not in the office until then. I'll add a comment when I have done the change and all still looks great.

Until later...

TTFN... Andrea

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