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BUG in Grey Template if use gallery module

thank you for this wonderfull FORM TOOLS!
Great and hard Work... respect.

I've found a template error, if i use The FORM TOOLS gallery module with the grey template or deep blue! The Footer ist shown at the head of Template. And the menu is showing in the content area. If i'am using the default template (theme) i got no template errors. See attachment picture.

It would be nice to check this....

When i'am finished with my project, i will start to translate the core FORM TOOL in German mybe in Crotian also.

Big thanks for this wonderfull FORM SCRIPT!

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Hi croman,

Yeesh! Thanks for letting us know! Which browser and operating system are you using, by the way? It's just a little odd it hasn't been spotted earlier - are you on a new browser, maybe?

And I'm glad it's coming in handy! :-) We'd love to get your help with the translations!

- Ben

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