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2.1.0 Alpha!
Ben, I LOVE the map function idea, thank you so much for doing that! Can you think of a way that I can pool multiple fields to create the address?

Such as one box for street name/number, and a drop down for city (state (US) will remain the same). I have been doing that so I can sort entries by city. I have a filter set up, so certain accounts can only view entries for the cities they are in charge of.

Keep up the great work!!!

Hey Alex,

Thanks! Yeah, I was really pleased with the Google Maps Field module. What was especially cool was that it only took about 4 hours to write. (Well, 4 hours for the module + 8 months of slogging through the Core code so it could support these sort of things Wink ).

Right now it's really, really basic. You don't have control over anything on the map - choosing default coordinates, map type (satellite etc), adding markers to it, etc. It's really kind of just a proof of concept.

I was thinking of exactly the same thing: getting it to pull the address from existing fields, but I decided to put it off until later. Yes, it's *totally* do-able, but it would need tweaking the module to add new settings to let you target the appropriate address fields in the form. (I picture this working kind of like the Email Templates where you can pinpoint which fields contain email addresses).

Anyway, yeah, I'll totally bear this in mind for any update. But for now... I should work on the Alpha. Smile

- Ben


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