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Feature request
Is it possible to include an option from within the control panel allowing admins to view submissions that aren't finalised? A nice toggle button perhaps from within the form view?
Hey Crunchers,

Not a bad idea! The whole "finalized" idea makes total sense from a code perspective, but people can find it pretty bewildering. That may help mitigate the confusion...

But I think it would lend itself to a module best, to be honest. Maybe a module with a hook on the Submission Listing page that just embeds a link saying "[View unfinalized fields]". Not sure...

Thanks for the idea, though!

- Ben
Thanks, Ben.

I agree, it has the potential to cause confusion for users. From a personal perspective, I find it handy for reviewing incomplete submission attempts (notably, aborted payments). Not a mission-critical feature by any means but useful nevertheless.

You're likely right in implementing it as an add-on for those wishing to enable it rather than have it available by default.

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