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HTTPS on Form Builder forms
I'm a grad student in a university's English department and I've been working on switching the various functions of the department over to Form Tools from a system that relies on paper and a fair measure of pure, unbridled luck. So far, things have gone more smoothly than I really have any right to expect, but I've run into a little bit of a snag.

Since the department's forms could potentially handle confidential information, I'd like to force all content through HTTPS, which I can mostly handle just by linking to "https://..." Unfortunately, that only handles the HTML end of things, though; I can't seem to find a way to link to the CSS and JS files securely. That creates a mix of secure and nonsecure content, which causes most browsers to reject nonsecure content by default. That in itself wouldn't be such an issue since I can educate my users on how to allow mixed content on most browsers, if it weren't for the fact that I have a lot of Mac users and Safari no longer supports mixed content as of 9.0.1 or so (I think most of my users are rocking 9.0.3).

I've done my due diligence on the various forums and websites I can find and I'm not finding any information on how or where I might go to get things running securely, although that could very well be due to the fact that I don't really know what I'm looking for (remember: grad student in English).

Can anyone out there give me a better solution? I don't want 50% of my users dealing with unformatted HTML Form Builder forms, but I lack the expertise to track down the code I'd need to alter.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer!
Ah, okay. All I needed to do was change the root URL of the site to include the "https" rather than "http".

There may be an easier way of doing it, but I just hopped into /global/config.php and made the change to $g_root_url directly. Things seem to be working now, and I'll check in on the Safari end of things as soon as I can get my hands on a Mac.
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