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Can a user ever create more than 6 tabs for a view?
I think the tabs are great. On one of the forms I just built, I organized the information into tabs. The submitting person's contact info goes in one tab, the details of the submission in another, and then another tab with space for us to mark whether or not it's been reviewed, by who, and any comments.

I haven't had the need for more than just a few tabs yet.. but I'm sure someone will. I know it might be a coding nightmare, but they could also stack, so there would be two rows of tabs. Of course now I'm thinking in my head about how to code that with CSS and it doesn't sound fun.


(May 5th, 2011, 12:59 PM)Ben Wrote: Heya,

Exactly - it's just limited due to the horizontal space in the templates. The markup for the tabs is simply awful though... I could free up some space by removing the inline images for the tab ends and using background images & divs instead of the terribly 1990's-style table layout like they have now...

But even then I'd still limit it to, say, 8 tabs. Basically I just added the limitation to prevent people from making the Edit Submission pages from looking awful.

- Ben


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