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Jquery Form Validation
Since you'll be switching to jquery lib, any chance you can include the jquery validation plugin as standard? If not, perhaps reference it in your examples/tutorials?

I've used it since FT1.5; highly flexible, easy to use, and my client-side validator of choice.
Hi Crunchers,

Probably not... (boy, I'm full of good news today!). I'm already bundling my own JS validation library (RSV) with Form Tools and including a second would be overkill. I've no doubt it's pretty good (in fact, I think I've used it myself at one point), but I'll stick with the current one for now. I wrote RSV to work hand in hand with PHP validation, so after you create the validation rules for JS, you can just copy & paste them into your PHP to use them there as well (with a few minor syntax changes). This has saved me sooo much time over the years.

For the docs, I'd rather keep everything consistent. Developers who are comfortable with JS or their own libraries can easily drop in their own.

But I appreciate the idea!

- Ben
Again, no worries. I hadn't figured you wrote the existing javascript validator (obvious in retrospect).

Absolutely keep RSV and ignore my previous suggestion.

Thanks, Ben.

FYI - give me a shout when you're in London; I owe you a beer (or two).
Nice!! Will do. I'm flying out tomorrow & get into London on Sat, but have a conference for a few days.

Either way, prepare for serious mooch-dom. (Actually, I'll buy my own ;-) ).

- Ben

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