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Using GET to display five specific entries on my website
Here's my next project, and I'm looking for input on how to do it:

I've created a form, and would like to do display five of the form entries on an html page.

My idea is that I will create a php page that will pull the specific fields from five entries, and format the fields with CSS/HTML, to display them the way I want.

I would like a user to be able to log in and select which entries display, and which do not... maybe with a checkbox.

So I would imagine I would need to write a page that would pretty much say 'if that checkbox is checked, then show on this page.. in this format'. That php page would then be used as php-include on the main page of our website.

Is that even possible?

If so, does anyone have some example code I could use that at least displays form fields on a php page? I looked at the tutorial but couldn't get it to work.


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Using GET to display five specific entries on my website - by alexh - May 10th, 2011, 8:22 PM

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