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How to make file upload paths smarter
I have a form in my installation and want to create some copy of that for other people to work with.
every thing works fine, except that I have to edit every upload field and change file paths to categorize files base on form ID.

I looked around settings and in " Modules » Custom Fields » File / setting" I found 2 settings that may be used. There is "Folder Path" and "Folder URL" settings with a "Default Value" option that can be set as "Dynamic value".

Is this value really dynamic?

Can I add something here to affect all new fields and add form ID and/or Submission ID to file paths/urls.

If there is any other way to do so, It would be great to learn from you.
I really do not want to spam forum but there is no other way but asking, I think.
Can anyone help?

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