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export script
sorry if this is a stupid or basic answer but i get this message when i try to view the submited form data in any format.

"Sorry, the export script didn't receive all the required fields and cannot proceed."

Any help would be greatley appreciated as i dont want to play with things im not sure about and loose the data allready submited

Hi Brettam,

No, not a stupid question at all! It shouldn't behave like that and it's totally not clear what's happening.

The Export Manager relies on a bunch of information being stored in sessions in order to make sense of what it should display (what fields, what order, which export group & type, etc). If, for whatever reason it doesn't have all the information is needs, it throws that error.

Generally, this is caused by PHP sessions being maxed out - or the data being stored in them gets corrupted. The only simple fix for this is to move to database sessions. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a shot.

Open up your /global/config.php and add the following line:
PHP Code:
$g_session_type "database"

Then log out and in again, and try to do the export again.

- Ben
Hi Ben,

I have a problem here too...I get a blank page after requesting an excel export of a form with lots of fields (about 280). This form gets filled in twice a day by about 5 persons.

Is there a MAX limit of the data when exporting?
My export to excel gives me a blank page.
Tried your solution above....same results.
When I try another form in the same database everything goes ok!

Please help...we need the information of our formtools database urgently!

If not our only solution would be a mySQL export...but that would be a little clumsy don't you think?


Bert van der Veen


Yeah, doing a MySQL dump is kind of crumby...

Interesting the other form works.

Does it take a very long time? Could you maybe try exporting just half the results (e.g. create a View with a filter to only return results after a certain date or something). Does that work? I'm just wondering if maybe it's timing out on you, or something...

- Ben
tried using your fix but still not working on some of the submissions. got me baffled why from the same form, some work and some dont !
Hi Brettam,

Which of my suggestions did you try? The line in the config.php file, or creating a View to split the results in two? Does it take a long time to export the results - is it timing out on you?


- Ben
No dear it is not a stupid question at all. You can use PHP export manager essayshark reviews to export the scripting as the max limit of data is 128 megabytes.

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