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Session info overlapping between forms
Ben, Help!!!!
As you know I have the multi-page registration form on my site. I created a duplicate with different dollar values.
Problem is that the session information is being shared between the two forms. I have tested by starting one form and then closing the browser before clearing the session and then opening up the other form and it is populated with the info.
I also opened both forms each in thier own window, filled out page one of one form, and proceeded to page two. Then I refreshed the window with the other form and Presto! it refreshes populated with the session info from the other form.

I thought the session names were derived from the form id and therefore would be unique to each one? Also loading the final "thank you" page clears both form sessions.
Where could the problem lie?
Is it possible if I name the path in the config.php to be able to point each form to it's own unique directory?
I know your busy with conferences, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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