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Installation issue
Installing new formtools. php 5.3.3 MySQL
When I load localhost/formtools I receive the gui welcome page 1 and select language and select continue (/formtools/install/index.php)
Redirect to /formtools/install/step2.php and it is a blank screen. Nothing is loading. Ideas??

Resolved by just manually going to step2 on the gui.

Now stuck on step 5, had to load all pages manually, loaded page 4, created config file manually, now step5.php is a blank page, as is step6.php....ideas??
I would suggest re-uploading all of the files. I have seen this issue posted many times and I think it usually has to do with missing or corrupt files.
I've reloaded twice, chmod 777 to cache and formtools. None of the buttons are working, so I'm not sure it's even creating the db, although all the fields are filled out. I still get blank page for 5 and 6. I followed the links, good info, but doesn't resolve my situation. What is downloading in binary mode? That is the only thing I saw that I have not tried.

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