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How to install without data loss?
Last night I screwed up my website's forms when trying to upgrade from v1.5

The chain of happenings were:

1) Didn't find "data import module" nor "check for updates" so I installed over the same database
2) Errors prevented installation (table already existed) so I renamed the folder to the name where v1.5 was and it worked.
3) After install, I created a new admin, since all data was gone.
4) Forms weren't there either, so I tried to create them no sucess (error here
5) Restored the whole database from godaddy's php admin.

I assume the problem was I didn't export/nor convert the database, but I couldn't find the "data import module" as explained on the yellow bar of "Upgrading" page of the documentation. There was no "check for updates" either, so… Is there any clue for us to know that, after following the steps described, we've gone too far and from there on we are going to lose data?

I really want to install the new version to use the re-captcha. We are getting hundreds of spam on wordpress comments and since your form tools are the best I found yet, I'd rather try it to install it to death than changing my form tools to one with captcha embedded.
Hey Sergio,

I responded to your post here:

Again, I do hope your data isn't lost.

- Ben

The link on the response above takes you to the import tutorial, and answers "You can't upgrade from 1.5. You have to fresh install and import the database".

The answer to this post is "DON'T USE THE SAME MySQL DATABASE".
It doesn't say that anywhere, but in order to you to import the previous one, two -the old one and the new one- need to be live.

If you need the forms to be working under the same directory (moving it after install doesn't work as previous versions did) just delete the previous folder. It's not needed for the import process.
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