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calculate average results

I installed form tools a few days and currently I'm testing. My first impression is that seems a very good application.
Right now I have a doubt: it is possible to form tools, through viewing or print export, display the average result of a particular field? ie, for example, a form asks, in last field, to evaluate (1-5) a certain theme. is possible to form tools calculate an present the average of the results achieved to date?


Hi Rui,

Neat problem! So do you need the information stored anywhere, or just calculated and displayed?

- Ben
Hi Ben,

First, thanks for your replay.

Honestly, I do not know if I liked that the information be stored (because it is constantly being modified with new entries).
I'm imagining creat a "view" that have an extra form in the database only for calculations, where each field of this form would be allowed to create a formula for calculations (sum, average, ....) their results will be presented at the end of the list of the "view. " Do you see what I'm saying?
What I describe is will be ideal for what I intend to do, but there may be a simpler way.

Hmm.. tricky! So I've given it some thought and no matter how you approach it, you'll need a separate module to do this. Even if it doesn't store anything in memory, it will still need to parse all the submissions and do the math. Then, it would need to display the result in the page somehow.

The simpler solution would be to just use the CSV or Excel export and within Excel, add a rule to calculate that information for you. Would that be feasible in your case?

- Ben


Export to excel certainly achieves the desired result. However the project I'm considering using Form Tools considers that users only have access to data via web. when the amount of data is too large, the best way of reading is summarizing the results (number of form responses, average evaluation ...) It would be interesting to have a reporting tool in the Form Tools
I will continue explore this tool as it is now very interesting and has good potential


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