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Installer detects incorrect mysql version

On two separate machines now I have ran into this same problem.

I have installed the latest version of WAMP which comes with Mysql 5.5.8, and also manually removed that and installed mysql-5.5.12. Regardless, the install script for Form Tools reports this as the version installed:

MySQL Version mysqlnd 5.0.7-dev - 091210 - $Revision: 304625 $ FAIL

If I attempt to ignore the MySQL version failure, I get this error upon attempting to run the install script:

The following error occurred:

• You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8' at line 6

Any pointers would be extremely appreciated



I modified files/sql.php and removed all 28 occurrences of "TYPE=MyISAM " from the CREATE TABLE queries.

I've encountered this several times while trying various scripts. Is this just something peculiar about the windows versions of mysql or.....?


EDIT #2:

Ok so apparently "TYPE" isn't liked, but "ENGINE" is. Soo.. Using notepad++ i did a mass replace on all files extracted for Form Tools, replacing "TYPE=MyISAM" with "ENGINE=MyISAM". It found another 9 occurrences aside from the earlier 28 inside of sql.php

hope this helps someone
Boy, that's a pain.

So the "TYPE" keyword is now deprecated by MySQL. They say use "ENGINE". But on older systems, ENGINE doesn't work. *sigh*

I haven't found a workaround yet other than manually creating a test table to see if either works, which is obviously a hideous solution... I'll do some more snooping.

- Ben

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