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radio button value not in html or excel
When submitting the form, the email message displays the radio button value as expected; however, when the client logs in to display their output in HTML or excel format, the radio button value is missing ?

Is there a special radio button format required to get the value to display in HTML/Excel ?

FormTools 2.04 on Apache (iso-8859-1)
<input type="radio" name="class" value="satClass" id="class_0">              
Saturday's Class

<input type="radio" name="class" value="subClass" id="class_1">
Sunday's Class

<input type="radio" name="class" value="bothClasses" id="class_2">
Both Classes

Yeah, this isn't a terribly intuitive one. Radio buttons - even single radio buttons (and single checkboxes) are mapped to an Option List (or "Field Option Group" as it's called in 2.0.x). So if something isn't showing up in the export, chances are there isn't a "Display Value" for the single option in the list. It needs both a value and a display value.

Take a look at the Field Option Group that's being used. That *should* be the issue...

- Ben

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