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API - Stop @ stage 3
I DO hope someone can help. I'm quite sure this is a silly little thing, like a space or period where it should not be. But I'm going bald trying to find it.

I can get the simple version to work - first time. I assume that means I have FormTools set up correctly.

I have a one page form that is rather simple and in a table format. Right now, I am interested in getting it to work. Once I do that I will add more functions and refine the form.
It's probably easier to go look...

(the form):
(the 'thank you' page):

I have used/use PHP, but am not an expert - at all.

BTW: I want wedding vendors to use the form to sign up for a free listing. My goal is to have the form fields populate a page like this:

A small image upload is a must (I intend to limit the size & dpi etc.)
I'd prefer not to deal with un/pw, but that will be a future function, so may as well do it now.

I AM aware I may have bitten off a HUGE chunk and am chocking on it before I get started! But I KNOW I can do this! ...with a little help from my new found friends!

Thanking in advance...
Hi Rednan,

Haha, I've been balding for years - web development does that to you. At this rate I have about 3 or 4 years left of hair.

So I took a glance at your form and everything looks okay except for the name attribute is missing from your "Join" button. You'll need to add that so that the API function will know what to look for to know that the form has been submitted. So make your submit button look like this:

<input type="submit" name="join" value="Join!" />

Then, in the $params variable being passed to the ft_api_process_form function, make sure the "submit_button" key has a value of "join", i.e.

PHP Code:
$params = array(
// ... 
"submit_button" => "join"

Hope this helps, and good luck! Smile

- Ben

Thanks for the speedy help! Is Rogain in your future?! ;-D

I wish I could say I was jumping for joy at that simple fix, but alas...

When I verified the first form using the non-API method, I didn't have name= "name" and it worked. But, as stated, that was the easy way!

I... have no idea. I have tried the test/verification and I do not get the splash page I should get... I get returned to the, now empty, form. I have made sure I go to the 'thank-you' (reg_success.php) page to clear the session.

Grrrr... any other suggestions? It's just gotta be something staring me in the face!

Thanks again.
FYI: I'm going to try this again w/o the file upload part. I'm not sure I configured that correctly, in fact, I'm almost positive I did not.

I'll let you know the outcome - in case anyone else has the same problem.
I have to apologize to Ben. His suggestion:" .. "submit_button" => "join" " was spot on.
I had it set to the VALUE, which was/is 'Join!' It needed to be 'join'.. DUH!

I KNEW is was simple stupid!

Thank you Ben... I only wish I had been paying more attention.
A lesson to us all!

..and thanks to Tony Merritt for walking me thru to success.

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