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Installation problem-URL issue
Hello all. I am new to this, and trying to use FormTools on my website which resides on 1and1. Unfortunately, I am not able to use their Web Apps, which would have been a point-click-drag-drop situation with FormTools, so I am trying another method to use FormTools.

In trying to follow the installation instructions, I am stuck at the point of "This folder must be accessible via a URL on your site, e.g."

The FormTools files are in my webspace (I used both the 1and1 link and FileZilla), but there is no URL I can use to access it. If I use my website URL and try to point to the folders in my webspace, I get a "Page Not Found" error, which I believe is because using my website URL makes the system try to find a webpage.

I can see the files, but as other posters have stated, clicking on them doesn't do anything.

I am very much an amateur and do need some hand-holding to get through this. Please help.

Maybe the best solution for you: generate a subdomain like and install FormTools to this subdomain.

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