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Form fields in hidden Divs
Hello Ben,
I have another topic I need to go over with you, Once again let me say thanks for the scripts and check your PM.

Ok so on my form I have some JS that show hides different fields depending on what the user enables . . . The problem was when I did the initial test of the API I included "all" of the feilds in the submissions, The problem is when I get (eventually) the thank you page to read the submission data back to the form poster, it will contain "all" of the form fields, even the ones that they didn't fill out and that are hidden. How do I get the return data to list only fields that are filled in?

Sorry for the wait! So much going on around here....!

So how are you outputting the information on your results page? Using the ft_api_show_submission() function? If so, what you'll need to do is create a new View that contains only that information that you want to see on the thankyou page (and call the View something like "Thankyou page"). Then, pass in that unique View ID to the ft_api_show_submission() function and it will only show those fields (see the second parameter):

Good luck!

- Ben

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