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Need help concerning views
This may be a stupid question as I am learning to use Formtools

I have created views but they do not appear when I hit View on the form page. The submissions page shows all the fields which as it is a big form they go off the viewable area.

On a smaller form I can see and hit View on a record and the record is displayed in the View layout including the correct tab layout.

I thought the view would apply to the initial list of records.

If not how do I restrict the number of fields on the Submissions.php page so that I can select a record?


Hi smn,

Yup, that's exactly it! You need to limit the number of fields that appear on the submission listing page.

To do that, just edit your View and on the fields tab, uncheck the "Column" checkbox for the rows that aren't that important.

All the best -



I thought they needed to be checked to appear in the tabs

Excellent product by the way. I wished I had found it sooner.

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