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still having "passing on" problems with thank-you page
Hi there,

I've got a multiple-form page based on api and I want to display some fields at the final thank-you page. So I followed the steps described in the documentation to create unique_field and assured to enable "pass on" fields. I also created a new view to select the desired fields-data for the thank-you page. Everything works fine except that on thank-you page no data will be displayed. But if I manually add "thanks.php?submission_id=submissionID&unique_key=uniqueID" then it works. I also tried this advice you can find on but without success.

Have anybody suggestions to solve the problem?


here a the relevant parts of my code

last page before thank-you-page, form-step3.php:

PHP Code:

$fields ft_api_init_form_page();

$submission_id $fields["form_tools_submission_id"];
$unique_key    $fields["unique_key"];

$params = array(
"submit_button" => "finalize",
"next_page" => "thanks.php",
"form_data" => $_POST,
"file_data" => $_FILES,
"finalize" => true


thank-you page, thanks.php:

PHP Code:

$fields ft_api_init_form_page();


if (isset($_GET["submission_id"]) && isset($_GET["unique_key"]))
$form_id 1;
$view_id 3;
$export_type_id 7;
$submission_info ft_api_get_submission($form_id$_GET["submission_id"]);
// now confirm that the unique_key matches
if (isset($submission_info["unique_key"]) && $submission_info["unique_key"] == $_GET["unique_key"])


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