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Submissions not showing up in Form Tools View
Hi all. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

The data is being submitted and shows up when I view it in MyPHPAdmin. The correct count of submissions shows up in the "SUBMISSIONS" column when looking at the list of forms. Yet when I go into view the submissions, it does not list them all. It seems at some point the data gathered server side is not transferring the data to Form Tools under "VIEWS".

Please help.

Thanks so much.

Hi Jak,

Are the submissions finalized? If it's an API form, they may not be. In the form table, take a look at the is_finalized column. Only those submissions that are set to "yes" will appear.

The reason for this is to prevent incomplete submissions being submitted via API forms from showing up in Form Tools before they have been finished. Direct (POST) forms are automatically finalized.

To tell your API form to finalize the submission, check the "One Last Thing" section on this page:

If that's not it, check your Edit View -> Filters tab. Sometimes I create a filter then forget about it; that can prevent submissions from showing up too.

Hope this helps & good luck!

- Ben

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