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Error 404 after login
I have loaded the package onto my web server and the install went fine. I had to do the manual Config.php file but other than that no errors came up.

When I try to log in I get a error 404 "no page found" . I completly deleated the database and the files from the server then went through the entire install again. Same problem.
I create had created a new folder on my website called form_tools and installed there. I brought up a fresh browser, entered the domain name +/form_tools/ and I get the 404 error no page found. I did it a gain adding the index.php file and it still can't find the page.

Any help greatly appriciated. This tool has been recommended to me highly by several other webmasters so I am ancious to try it out. I also have 3 clients that want forms added to their sites.

Hi detaylor,

Is this related to the other problem you had - the /install folder missing? Or did you manage to complete the installation process? (sounds like the latter).

One recent problem that was identified was that if your MySQL password contains a dollar sign, it can confuse the script. This is fixed in the next release of the 2.1.0 alpha, but still exists in 2.0.6.

- Ben

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