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Can't download the zipped update file

I am having trouble downloading the automatically generated zip file today.

I go through the usual process of checking for updates in the main setting area.

Selecting the correct versions to get rid of the red highlighted components.

The Green confirmation message appears and the modal window telling me it may take some time and then a blank page with the address:

The components listed are:
Form Tools Core (2.0.6)
Classic Grey (1.0.9)
Deep Blue (1.0.8)
Database Integrity (1.0.3)
Export Manager (1.0.3)
Pages (1.1.3)
Swift Mailer (1.0.4)

I have tried using Firefox 3.6 Mac, IE8 Windows and Firefox 3.6 Windows

Has anyone else had any trouble?

Hi Tim,

Sorry about that & thanks for letting me know! This was a side-effect from moving servers recently. I've cleaned out the cached results so it should probably generate an upgrade file for you now. Go ahead and try it again.

Thanks -


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