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One formtools installation - XSS and IE8!

I have a small number of clients who each have a basic contact form on their site. I want to have a single formtools installation on my domain and allow each of the individual sites to send their forms to this single domain for processing.

This works great in everything apart from IE8 which is strict with XSS, (cross-server scripting).

I've tried disabling XSS security via .htaccess but am not having any luck. Has anyone created a similar setup and got this working? I've a dedicated server so have access to the underbelly if it's needed - not that I'm particularly confident at messing with it.

Any advice appreciated!
Ah so I realise my problem is not with sending data to a different domain, it's sending data to a different domain via AJAX. Cross-site scripting not allowed in IE8!

When I submit the form as per usual, it works perfectly.
Excellent! And I have to leap to IE's defence here (there's a first time for everything...!) - that's actually going to be the case with all browsers.

Glad it's working now, though!

- Ben
I haven't encountered an issue like this before as I haven't messed with AJAX, but it seemed to be working fine in everything apart from IE8.

I've been using this script - - and it was working great. As far as I could tell, only IE8 was refusing to co-operate.
Huh! Interesting.

Anyway, glad it's working now. :-)

- Ben

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