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User Account Settings Sync
I recently changed the application title of our FormTools installation, however it will only take effect for newly created logins. I had to go through each existing account and update the relevant field in their Settings area.

With a sync option, you could push individually editable fields to all accounts :-)
Yeah... that's a royal pain, I agree! I was careful with the new Field Type settings to allow for just this: all fields inherit from the default. When you change the default, all inherit the new values (unless overridden).

I agree. I must add this.

- Ben
Thanks Ben, sounds great!
Hi Ben - Are you planning to write this into the 2.1.0 BETA? Is it a simple or complex feature? I'm guessing a "Apply To All Accounts" button would need to update all account rows in the DB?

Keep up the great work!

- Mark
Hey Mark,

I probably won't include this in the Beta, no. It's a nice feature - there's no doubt about that - I just think I should focus on stability and the other hundred things I need to do to make 2.1 the standard build. I tend to lose sight of the fact that we're attempting to make Form Tools into a business, so actually having things out there for people to purchase should be my #1 concern. Wink I'm sure if my business partner reads this, he'd nod in silent approval.

But yes, it's a good idea - I may implement it as a module later on.

- Ben
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