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Linking Extended Client Field dropdown to Options List group
A great feature would be to add functionality to allow the linking of Extended Client Field dropdown boxes to Option List groups.

We rely heavily on the Client Map Filter feature within a View, based on the Clients account name. Currently, in order to match up Views and client logins we have to enter the data twice.

For example; For the "Fabulous Forms Company" client login, we have to create their account name "FAB FORMS" in a dropdown group via the Extended Client Fields module, then select it within their account profile. Secondly, we have to add "FAB FORMS" into the 'Options List' section in order for us to create an "EQUALS" rule in the Client Filter Map section in the relevant form Views.

Hope this makes sense,

- Mark
What a terrific idea... after thinking about it for 20 minutes it's finally clear now. Smile

So to summarize what you're suggesting:
(1) install the Extended Client fields module and create a new field that referenced an Option List.
(2) in your form, use the same Option List as one of the fields.
(3) add a client map filter to the form View to ensure that each client would only see those submissions that they're mapped to, due to the option/options selected in the Option List.

I'm Sold! Great idea. And actually not too much work at all.

You're using 2.1.0? I'd be tempted to add this, but only for 2.1.0 support...

- Ben
Hi Ben,

Yes we are using 2.1.0...

What you have summarized is spot on! Just to confuse things, in 2.1.0 you can point a dropdown box in a form to another forms field contents. (On the "Fields" tab when editing a form... It's the option in the 2nd tab called "Dropdown Settings" and it's available under the "Form Field Contents" group).

Therefore you could technically implement two options here; the linking of an Extended Client Field to EITHER an Options List (as discussed in your above post) OR the contents of a form field.

Hope that makes sense...

- Mark
Hi Mark,

Eesh! True, that would be possible, but trickier. Getting the form field cross-reference stuff all designed right was very tricky. I think I'd just stick with the former option. Let me take a quick look at this today. It's a great idea and I think it'll only take an hour. Might be a nice break from all the other work I've been doing. Smile

- Ben
Just to confirm here - Ben has now included this functionality and I can confirm it works superbly!

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