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Further Validation on Internal Forms
Applies to 2.1.0 onwards:

Would it be an easy addition to add further validation to Internal Forms?

For example;

On the Contact Us page from one of our customers websites the (external) form validates certain fields to be 'required', 'minimum length' and 'maximum length' as setup in the Website Design software... However if the client or us were to then edit a submission via FormTools, we could technically leave certain fields blank that were originally required.

This would also be a loop hole when manually adding submissions directly into FormTools rather than using the external form, OR using the new Internal Form area.

Currently in 2.1.0 the 'maximum length' validation is present, but 'required' and 'minimum length' is not.


You could also add an error message if a field that is required is left empty, as seen in the Extended Client Fields module.

- Mark

P.S. Congratulations on releasing the BETA today :-)
Quote:P.S. Congratulations on releasing the BETA today :-)

Thanks!! I'm very pleased about it. Smile 2.1 feels like a really good improvement to the script. (Now I just have to make it run faster....!)

So... validation. Haha, yeah this has been at the back of my mind for 2 years now. I actually have this slated for 2.2. After that's done, I can finally implement the form builder.

I saw what you did with the customization of the form fields - great work, especially since you don't have the Custom Fields module. I wrote that module to let you do just this - add your own field settings, etc. through a pretty interface, not directly via the database.

But that module will actually be our first premium module - we're in the midst of sorting a payment gateway to start taking payments.

To add the validation, you'd need to add either JS validation, PHP validation or both. I'll send you a separate email.

- Ben

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