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Member/Club/Team Help
Quote:The way you can map the tables together is in form, create a radio buttons, checkboxes, select or multi-select field. Then, click on the edit button for that field (which will shortly work in Safari ;-)). On the second tab for the "Option List / Content" field, select the form from which you want to grab the values. That will automatically load the fields for that form. Then select the field (in your case, "Club"). From then on, that field will always list the values from the field, pulled from the other form.

Thanks works fine. Now is there a way to extend this further. I have used this to implement a Club list dynamically filled using your technique in a Member form.

However I also wish to add players to Teams that belong to a Club. I can create Team fields within a Club form, but how would I create a dropdown that is conditional on what Club is selected?

In a traditional form one could create this using a javascript called Chained Selects but this would not work with a database I do not think.

Any ideas.
Hi procreative,

I'm afraid this isn't possible right now. The only way to map data from one for to the next is using that method which I described. You can't do sub-mappings at this point.


- Ben

See the problem is if I create a Team 1 select menu referencing the Team 1 field in a Club form it displays the Team 1 field from every Club record. What I want ideally is a chained select menu so you select a Club from menu 1, then menu 2 displays a series of Teams associated with that Club.

I know there are ways to reference a chained select menu to a database. I have seen a javascript that can do this but the lists are not dynamically created from a database but are coded into the script. I know it can be done in PHP, I see a field type called "Code/Markup" could this be used to call a PHP script?
Yes, I understand, however this just isn't possible yet. Sorry about that!

The Code/Markup field is purely for a syntax-highlighted visual representation of code/markup.

If this is a show-stopper, you'd need to find a PHP programmer to undertake the modification to the Core script.

- Ben
And I don't suppose you can offer this service for a fee? Or are there any plans to bring this in soonish?
I'm so sorry, but no...! There's so much other work to do, and not enough time. Smile

- Ben
Quote:If this is a show-stopper, you'd need to find a PHP programmer to undertake the modification to the Core script.

Understood, however where would they need to modify it to make it work? What page(s) would they need to modify?
I honestly don't know... it would need investigation and analysis. You'll need to sit down with a programmer and talk it through and get them to examine the code. Potentially it could be quite a bit of work, but I just don't know right now.

- Ben

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