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Form Search Error?
Attempting to search records generates this: "Please use the datepicker to enter a valid date or dates." There is no datepicker!
Huh! So when you click on the date field to enter a date, nothing happens? What browser and OS are you using?

- Ben
No date field is showing. Mac OSX 10.5.8, Safari 5.05. Surely though should not need to enter a date as standard anyway?
Great, thanks! I'll take a look at it in that environment.

Quote:Surely though should not need to enter a date as standard anyway?

I don't quite follow... Any script that is accepting a date would need to know what format the date is in, otherwise it wouldn't know how to understand it!

But if you mean there should be a default search value, then yes: that can be set on the Settings -> Main tab (the very last field).

- Ben
Nevermind, I understand now. This will be fixed in the next build.

Thanks for letting me know!

- Ben
I really like your system and have found it very easy and powerful. However for the current project I am doing it probably is not quite right. The fundamental issue is the e-mail system. I cannot see an easy way to create mass e-mail as it stands. If there were a module to either integrate or link to a system that was easy for the end user to use...

Its a shame for me as its the closest I found to solving my problems, but finding someone to customise it would probably be out of my reach as the only people who could do it cost effectively are probably the creators as someone else would need to get their head around the programming conventions.
I'm very sorry to hear that! But I totally understand how integration with an mass emailer is a show-stopper for you. All I can really say at this time is that while that's something we'd like to add, we can't realistically tackle it in the short term. Perhaps 6 months or a year from now.

But good luck tracking down a script that fits the ticket!

- Ben

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