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E-Mail Templates
Quote:The email templates are all associated with the forms themselves. I'd give this section of the documentation a read over:

2.1.0 is a little different from earlier versions, but functionally it's the same - so those docs (which haven't been updated yet) will still be worth reading through.

But to answer your other question: yes, the email templates let you create any number of emails for your forms. You can rig them up to only get sent out for particular submissions with particular values in the fields, and lots of stuff like that. They can be targeted to different users, contain totally different content etc.

I cannot get my head around the e-mail system at all. I have viewed the documentation but it seems very tricky to create what I want. I want to create a way to e-mail selected records based on filters but the Views system is very complex. Do you have a demo site with this setup? Also I find the Views panel confusing as its also used to display records/tabs.

Can you recommend an e-mail system that could access the database created by Formtools?
Hi Nigel,

From what you posted before, it really doesn't seem like Form Tools was designed for that at all. The email system is for sending single emails, or multiple emails based on single events: e.g. when a submission is added, when it's edited, when it's deleted. You seem to need ways to email multiple submissions simultaneously. Form Tools doesn't have that functionality.

And no, I don't know of any external email systems that can talk directly to the Form Tools database.

However, Form Tools allows you to easily export the email information using the Export Manager + Views (i.e. create a View for your form only containing the relevant email data: first name, last name & email address, probably). You can export it in XML, CSV - which are standard formats. Any bulk emailer script will allow for importing a list of emails: you'd just need to export it from Form Tools, then import it into the emailer script. I wish I could recommend some, but I'm not immediately familiar with any.

- Ben

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