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Can't get past step 5
Hi there,
I'm trying to create a new form and am stuck at step 5, Field Types. The problem is the Next Step button doesn't do anything when I click it. I've tried skipping the step, which fills the "action needed" fields with "skipped" but then I can't get any further. The Smart Fill function appears to work but when I click on one of the "options" or "actions needed" text links the table of fields disappears and the wheel next to the Smart Fill button just spins forever.

I've tried it on Chrome and IE 8.

The only clue I can see is a JS error when I click the Next Step button:

Message: 'ft' is undefined
Line: 224
Char: 1
Code: 0
URI: /formtools/global/scripts/mass_smart_fill_fields.js

Any ideas?

Hi Chris,

Strange...! The ft namespace is defined in general.js, so it should be available. Have you ran into any other problems with other pages at all?

Oh - and is this the 2.1.0 Beta or the current 2.0.6 build?

- Ben
Thanks Ben, It's not the beta.

I'm wondering if it might be an issue of permissions and owners, I've had the occasional problem with that before.

I might try the process with a smaller html form too. The one I'm building is a 30 category award nomination form, lots of radio buttons.
Sure, try it with a smaller form. Another possibility is that maybe the JS in the form is confusing Form Tools somehow...

Let me know how it goes. I'd be curious to look at this.

- Ben
Here's what I tried, but it didn't change the result - the next step button at level 5 is enabled but doesn't do anything.

I created a three text box form with a submit button.
I recursively changed the owner and group of the formtools directory to 'nobody', and set chomd to 775 (as it was previously installed using my ftp account) which the server sometimes struggles with.

Next step would be a total new download and install i think.

Any chance you could email me the form page? No worries if it contains sensitive information, of course - I just want to test it out on my end to see if I can reproduce it.

- Ben

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