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Feature Request Survey
Hi all,

For a long time now we’ve been getting feedback via the forums about what features they’d like to see, but we’ve put together a survey that lets you explicitly rate what features you’re most interested in seeing.

It only takes a few minutes to complete, and it’ll really help us out if you fill it in. Thanks!

(And yes, the survey uses Form Tools. Smile )

- Ben
G'day Ben,

Tried the survey but get an error. See atached screen caps.

1: Completed each field.
2: Clicked Submit and got the error that wants all the fields filled in. They are.


(Addendum: Hmmm - looks like the attachments are not ending up in the right folder - seeing the image bad link icons. Maybe after I Post Reply they'll show up.

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!!?? Huh. You're on IE 8?

Man, I really need my VM back.

- Ben
(Aug 12th, 2011, 5:56 AM)Ben Wrote: !!?? Huh. You're on IE 8?

Man, I really need my VM back.

- Ben
I just tried it with IE8, and FireFox 3.6.18

In FF, I clicked 4 and it showed up in 1 - when I tried to change it to 3 or any other number, it sat at 1.

Here is a screen cap again this time from FF.
First line should have been 4
Second line is correct by would column 1 show the blue.
Third line worked properly, but none would let me change my choices.

I would like to suggest doing what governments do - sticky-fill it in for us Smile Problem solved, and, you'll love the results.

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