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Form getting stuck at process.php page on submission

I have placed 4 different forms on my website:

and depending on which initial choice of form is made the appropriate form is displayed.

The problem I have is when I setup up emailing for the forms do not redirect to thank you page and instead get stuck on a process.php page.

If emailing is deleted for each form then the forms work fine.

I have trawled the forum but nothing seems to mention this issue. I'm sure it's a small issue but any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Yeah, if the emails contain invalid logic, it can prevent the forms from redirecting properly.

How many email templates do you have configured for your form? Just one? If so, could you post the email content here? (but don't if it contains sensitive information!). It's almost certainly just a syntax error in the email template that's causing the problem, so hopefully we can spot it by looking at it.

- Ben

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