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Form Tools admin running very slow
Hi all, Does anyone know how to fix or a cause as to why my admin area is running very slow. When i log in it takes about 30 seconds and the same thing happens if I try to look at different forms within the admin area.

Any help on this would be great.


Hi Terry,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Do you have any other database applications running on your site (e.g. Wordpress)? Are they running slower as well? It seems pretty unlikely that it's only Form Tools that's affected by this.

The root cause could be any number of things, so I'd try contacting your hosting provider to ask what's going on. If it used to run a lot faster, they should be able to provide some insight as to why things suddenly slowed down.

- Ben
I have been having issues with the admin area being very slow. I have tried get nursing assignment help australia online before rebooting it a few times, but this has not fixed the problem, and we are unsure how to resolve it.

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