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Error trying to install a new form
I am still trying to sort out my move to the new provider but I did manage to get the includes working by using doc relative links BUT, this does not help me if I want to link to an external host like I have been doing. I want my support site to handle management of all my clients forms in one place. However, at this point, there are too many other variables to be totally sure of what's going on so, once I get settled in the new host, I will try again and let you know.

What's the target date for a production release of the new version?

Cheers Ben,

Hey Dave,

Good to hear from you!

Yeesh, sounds like you're having a number of problems. First off, that API function was defined in the first version of the API and hasn't changed, so the error you're getting is almost certainly a path issue. Try switching the relative to absolute or vice-versa. I'm positive it's the path to the file. It's kind of hard to debug without getting access to the site, so if it comes to that, send me an email ( and I'll look at it directly.

Quote:On another note, how can I port the entire install to a nw host if I want to move it? I have tried creating a new db and importing the SQL but that throws an error.

What error, exactly? Does the error occur within phpMyAdmin?

Porting over to new hosts is always a nuisance, and I should really write up a tutorial for it. So after you copy the files, the #1 place to update is the config.php file to ensure all the key settings are up to date. Once that's done, you'll need to (1) wade through the ft_settings table to update all old paths & URLs then (2) look at the ft_accounts table and update all Logout URLs for the client accounts. I think those are the only places... but don't hold me to that.

Quote:Any built in media viewers and PayPal IPN Integration?

Haha, no not yet, sorry. Smile In fact, I hate to say it but I'm dropping the Media Gallery module: it's just too crumby. I want to add a "real" module for image management, and that module is too basic - it offers very little functionality and it's a mess. The plan is to add a new "Image Manager" module for more integrated handling of images within Form Tools (thumbnail generation, displaying of thumbs on the Submission Listing pages, image cropping, etc.).

PayPal integration is also on the list... so much to do! *sigh*

- Ben
(Jul 15th, 2011, 5:23 PM)filch Wrote: Not sure what is going on but I have been using formtools for some time now and other forms are working fine. I am not sure if I have screwed something up as I have been moving to a new provider, but at this point, FT is still on the old host. When try to initialize the form, the code on the form page does not appear to be able to find the api as I am getting the following error in the logs:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function ft_api_init_form_page()

I have verified that the path is correct and have tested it b opening another file there. I am wondering if I have mixed up versions here, but any and all suggestions on solving this is very much appreciated. On another note, how can I port the entire install to a nw host if I want to move it? I have tried creating a new db and importing the SQL but that throws an error. The new host is usng CPanel, WHM and PHPMyadmin.


PS .. the new version sounds great Ben. Any built in media viewers and PayPal IPN Integration?


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