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Cannot install
When I go to the formtools folder or the install folder in my browser I only get the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see attachment).

Any ideas ?

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Hi DaRichMan!

Sorry to hear about your issues. That is quite a bizarre issues. Did this happen on step 1? Or did you ever make it that far?

Have you updated your /themes/default/cache folder to allow full read and write permissions?

I already get this in step 1. Tried it on an other webserver and get the same there.
Chache folder chmod to 777
What version are you using? 2.0.6? or 2.1? Try to download again and use the new version.
Hey guys,

That is one wacky error! You should never get redirected to that page in any situation. So it looks like maybe the files didn't survive the trip when you FTP'd them to your web server.

It's also possible PHP isn't enabled on your server...?

Personally, I'd start by creating a phpinfo.php file, with the following content:

PHP Code:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Upload that to your web server and load it up in your browser. That will let you know about your PHP environment - and in the very least, confirm that PHP is running.

Good luck!

- Ben

(Jul 28th, 2011, 9:56 AM)Ben Wrote: ...Personally, I'd start by creating a phpinfo.php file, with the following...

PHP Version 5.3.5

On the same server I have a CMS made simple website running with no problems.

I get the same when I try to install/run Form Tools on a server of an other hosting provider
Hi DaRichman,

This really doesn't make much sense... at no point does the script redirect to the license, so there must be something wrong with the files that were uploaded to the servers.

Did you download Form Tools from this site, or from another source?

If you're totally stumped and don't mind giving me temporary FTP access, email me your FTP login info and URL and I'll take a look at it directly. (

- Ben
I think the files went corrupt (?) the first time downloading.
I downloaded the beta version from your site and uploaded them. Install is running ok now
Excellent! Very good to hear. Smile

- Ben

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