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Dynamically Limited Date-Field + Datetime-Field
Hi Ben,

the new date and time fields are great as they are.
Still in some applications it would help me to have:
  • A limitation in the days/years which can be selected (for example if only the last 14 days are allowed to be selected). It would be good if they could already greyed out in the calendar so that the user does not need to wait for the error message when trying to submit.

  • A datetime field where the user can set both, date and time, like in the submitted/modified fields. For example: 08.08.2011 13:32:30
Can you consider to put in your list?

Good time.
Great idea!

You'll be able to do this with the Custom Fields module when I finally finish it off (meaning: finish the documentation). That lets you customize what settings are available for each field type, so you could add a "first date" and "last date" setting which would feed into the datepicker, preventing users from picking other dates.

As I posted yesterday, 2.1 will shortly be the standard build. Once that's out of the way, I can finally get around to releasing that module. Smile

- Ben

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