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Im wondering if the ft_api_load_field API can be used to create a sort of Autofill feature?
I have a multi-page form that clients have to fill out each time they register a project. Some clients have to register several projects in one session. And page 1 of the form is always the same (name, email, address, phone, etc...)
So Im wondering if the load_field API can be used to save certain fields during the session, so that after the registreation is complete that can go back to page 1, maybe with a click of an "Autofill" button, they could have their name, email, etc., Autofilled?

Thanks in advance.
I have been using the @$fields call to set the values on multiple forms allowing users to go back and forward.

example -

<input name="Telephone" tabindex=6 type="text"value="<?=@$fields["Telephone"]?>" />

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