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Help using formtools through godaddy

I'm trying to use form tools through the godaddy cpanel. godaady can't help me for some reason. do I need to make a separate account to use form tools?

Many many thanks!
The best way is to install via FTP, do you have an FTP account with your Godaddy service?
yes, I installed it as instructed, but i have no way to get to the Add Form page to start my form. FormTools is on my website and that is as far as I can go... I've searched all over and Godaddy and I found out from that there is an Add Form page provided by the Core script containing a new "Form Builder" panel. I've looked for the Core script in the FormTools file installed on my website to no avail. I've clicked every link and nothing leads to the "Add Form" page. Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks so much!
This is the link describing where I want to go to start to add the form:

I cannot find the Add Form page, as pictured.

Sounds like maybe something went wrong with your installation. When you log in, what do you see? Can you attach a screenshot?
Thanks so much for your help on this!

I don't even get to log in. This what I do get: Shot 2016-09....08 PM.png

So it looks like you used a third party program to install formtools. During the installation process did you create an administrator username and password? It looks like formtools was installed in the /forms directory of your domain.
Yes, this is how godaddy installs it and I do have an admin username and password, but I can't find where to log in.
alexh, thank you so much for pointing out the the installation of FormTools may be the problem! I re installed and everything is great. I'm just figuring out a couple of things. Thank you again!

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