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trying to activate my account

I'm trying to activate my formtools account , not the forums, obviously, but can an administrator help me with this please. I think this is what is preventing me from setting up my form using formtools through godaddy.

Many thanks!
You do not need any type of account to download FormTools, which account are you talking about?
I'm trying to use FormTools and am trying every way possible to get to the "Add Form" page to start using FormTools. After signing on, I was sent a message asking my to click a link in an email I'm supposed to receive to activate my account, but I've looked in all my email folders for the FormTools email and cannot find any. I'm not even sure if this will lead me eventually to the "Add Form" Page to start using FormTools on my website though.

Thanks for your help!
When you installed it, did you create an administrator account?

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