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chrontab module?
One of my clients uses submission forms to register students for teleconferences. When they register, they get the dialing instructions in a confirmation email.

What I want to be able to do for this client is have reminder email sent to all who have registered for a class, like 24 hours in advance. I figure I can use a "view" to do this manually, but what about setting up a chrontab to send an email via a view automatically?
Great idea: a module that has a simple UI for managing certain commonly used functionality, like sending emails, running the Export Manager to create files, and other stuff - plus the option to execute custom PHP. That would cover all bases.

I just wrapped up the Mass Edit module today (, so I'll add this one to the list (actually, it was already on it!).

Thanks for the post, xnau.

- Ben
This would be great for me. I like to automate emailing of csv files for people who use submissions as fuel for registrations, so it would be great to be able to set up the export module to dump a new csv file into a directory, a flatfile which could then be emailed out through mutt by a crontab entry. I almost just added this as a new feature suggestion, but I'm glad this is already under consideration!

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