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Bug in Form Backup
I was handed this by Internaut and asked to see what I could do with it. During study,when backing up a Form, got an error.
Procedure (can be repeated)

At Form, click Back up form button.
Select Form freom dropdown - click Continue.
In the settings, choose Copy Submissions = No.
Click continue - form halts on error.

NOTE: This as tested without the choice of No to Copy Submissions, and there is no error.

Summary: Only crashed using "No to Copy Submissions"

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Hi Internaut (or whomever...!),

Thanks for this. I'll try and take a look at this in the next day or two. Keep you posted.

- Ben
Hi Internaut,

Again, thanks for the bug report. This has been fixed in the latest version of the module (1.1.1).

- Ben

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