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I had a browser crash, lost all the cookies.

Though I THOUGHT I had login info written down, apparently not correctly.

When I enter the user name I thought I had for admin, it is not right.
When I request through the 'forgot password' option, I never get the email so it could be that even the username I have written down is wrong.

I DID save a login I had created for one of my clients which works but that is not at the admin level.

Is there any file any where IN THE SYSTEM on the server that shows what I used on installation OR is there any other method of turning the client login I have into admin level or ... I don't know. all I know is I have no access and could spank myself.

Right now I have no control over my forms....
Ben has written a tutorial on this subject. See
Wow! thanks mrGarvin and thanks Ben! I'll keep that tutorial for the next time.
Meanwhile, I created new forms in a new installation on a new domain on a new server ..
(I set this up so I could start from scratch when I didn't know how to reset admin password).
Now I have a recaptcha question which I will post in the appropriate forum.
Thanks again!

No worries - and thanks, MrGarvin!

- Ben

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