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Which Path - Which API?
I started from scratch on a new domain new server because I had lost admin password (now I have tutorial to fix that).

I read in the create new form process that if you are going to use PHP forms they need to be on the same domain as the form_tools is? BUT my form_tools is on coachdereksports_com and I'm using the forms on coachderek_com. (I made them PHP so I could use the recaptcha which isn't working & that's why I'm wondering if this is why).

Still, the emails my new forms are generating are perfect!

if I view the results online, some of the fields are empty that show up filled in the email versions (different domain different server)?

here's my question: Is the reason I can't get recaptcha to work because of the different domains/servers?

IF my Forms are created & processed on "domain 2" on "server 2" and Forms are USED on "domain 1" on "server 1"
Do I use the API & PATH for domain 1 or domain 2?


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