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Which Path - Which API?
Hey Braven,

Quote:I read in the create new form process that if you are going to use PHP forms they need to be on the same domain as the form_tools is? BUT my form_tools is on coachdereksports_com and I'm using the forms on coachderek_com. (I made them PHP so I could use the recaptcha which isn't working & that's why I'm wondering if this is why).

Ah, actually - it's just for API forms. API forms need to be on the same server (I may say they need to be on on the same *domain*, but I think they'll work if they're on the same server as the Form Tools installation).

Forms (PHP or any other language) can be located anywhere, if they use the POST/direct submission method.

Quote:here's my question: Is the reason I can't get recaptcha to work because of the different domains/servers?

Yes, exactly. The reCAPTCHA is part of the API, which needs to be on the same server. The reason is that you can't include PHP files for execution on another server.

Sorry about that!

- Ben

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